My blog is designed and structured to keep readers abreast of what's happening in our area that impacts real estate and particularly luxury real estate. I plan to update it weekly, or more frequently to the extent breaking news warrants doing so. For example, property information and updates occur frequently, and rather than waiting for a particular developer's website to be updated, I try and confer with those developers and let my readers in on some insights before the information is widely available. With my prior career in commercial real estate, I know how valuable timely information can be to a prospective purchaser. I will keep these blogs short and to the point so readers can get right into the heart of the subject matter.


Chinese Proverb

By Mark Sletten
Mar 28, 2017


Color Festival!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 28, 2017

Empire Pass Update

By Mark Sletten
Mar 27, 2017



Happy Monday!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 27, 2017

Make this week a great one!  Happy Monday, everyone!

Old Park City...Main Street buried in snow!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 25, 2017


We take snow removal for granted...imagine having to get around in the winter without snow plows!

Old Park City - Union Pacific Depot

By Mark Sletten
Mar 23, 2017


This is now the site of Zoom Restaurant!  A Beautiful glad it's been preserved!


By Mark Sletten
Mar 22, 2017

Wednesday, Wednesday.  Happy Hump Day!

Happy Birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 21, 2017

Born on this date in 1685...listen to some classical music today!


By Mark Sletten
Mar 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!



Wyatt Earp's Birthday!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 19, 2017

An icon of the American West, Wyatt Earp was born on this day in 1848...

Great Day to Be in Park City!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 18, 2017

Glorious day, ,though unseasonably warm with highs scheduled in the 60s !  WOW!  This is SPRING SKIING!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 17, 2017


To all you Irish folks...and everyone who wants to be! HA HA...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Park City History - Silver King Coalition Building

By Mark Sletten
Mar 16, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 2.09.44 PMThe Silver King Coalition Building was a beloved icon of Park City. It burned down in 1981, and was located near the base of the Town Lift

'Beware The Ides Of March...'

By Mark Sletten
Mar 15, 2017

On this date 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was killed...'Et tu, Brute?'

Albert Einstein's Birthday - 1879

By Mark Sletten
Mar 14, 2017

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein! 1879

Treasure Hill Project Envisions Enormous Parking Garage

By Mark Sletten
Mar 13, 2017


By Mark Sletten
Mar 12, 2017


Move those clocks ahead one hour!!

Great Utah State Parks Event Calendar!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 11, 2017

Click on link below...

Save Bonanza Flat!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 10, 2017

We have a unique opportunity to save a beautiful valley near Park City from development...

As part of this effort, Sletten Real Estate Group is donating a portion of each sale to this cause...

Tomorrow....great cause!!

By Mark Sletten
Mar 09, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.25.50 PM

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